Your shirts can be printed on different colors, different sizes, and even various garments. Combine your full number of printed items to determine your price break.

We carry 100% cotton Gildan t-shirts in stock in many colors.  This is our most commonly used shirt, though we can order from a variety of companies to suit your needs.

When adding additional colors into your design, add $ .95 per shirt, per added color.   When we print on an additional side (i.e. the back or sleeve), you add an additional $1.15 per shirt.

We make a separate screen for each area and each color in your print.
Screens are $35.00 for a left chest or sleeve print and $45.00 for anything larger than about 5 inches. You pay for screens only once with your initial order, after which  they remain on file for future use.

Current Standard Prices

for a one color/one side print

  • 1-11 shirts – $13.25 each
  • 12-23 shirts – $12.25 each
  • 24-35 shirts – $10.25 each
  • 36-72 shirts – $9.25 each
  • 72-143 shirts – $8.25 each
  • 144-199 shirts – $7.25 each
  • 200 shirts and up – $6.75 each
Specialty items like wicking shirts, performance tees, or extra soft shirts, polos, and bags vary in cost.  Some are the same price as the t-shirts,  some are only fifty cents more, and some are much more. Feel free to contact us with questions about all available options.  For a real quote we need to know the specifics of you order, but these guidelines can give you an idea of cost for wholesale orders. Most orders take about two weeks, sometimes slightly longer between July 1 and August 15.


Custom Screen Printing