Howlingbird Studio

91 Palmer Ave.
Falmouth, MA 02540 USA
Tel: 508.540.3787


The Howlingbird Studio is a screen printing shop with two retail stores, selling local, scientific, and marine designs on T-shirts, sweats, other garments, and bags. Many of the designs have lasted for years. Scientists, professors, students, etc. return over the years to replace their worn out tees with their ol' favorites.

Howlingbird also has a very busy custom business, producing very unique, one of a kind designs. Most of these orders are for scientific, marine, sailing, and local business advertising motifs.

Howlingbird Studio was established in 1976 by Marty Howbert, nicknamed "The Howlingbird" by her British boyfriend. She had done illustrations for scientists at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Afterwards she was commissioned to print them on T-shirts.

Marty sold the business to the current owner, Cindy, in 1982. Cindy also had a similar scientific illustration background as well as a similar artistic style. ~HB

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